Monday Blues

I would be lying if I said I got out of bed for anything other than coffee this morning. I’ve got a bit of a case of the Monday Blues, which I think I can contribute to my stats class from 4:10-6:50. Long class at an awkward time with a quiz tonight. Once I get home from that, I have to finish grading the online dietary supplements class that I TA for, because tonight is the end of grading period one and there is still a handful of people who haven’t submitted their assignments. Now I understand why teachers hate it so much when students leave things for the last minute!

I’m sorry I’m such a complainer today! The good news is I accomplished a lot yesterday and I’m feeling more and more ready for the big day Friday.

I started out with a delicious breakfast yesterday! Oatmeal cooked with unsweetened almond milk, and topped with Wegman’s frozen fruit cherry blend (highly recommend!), organic peanut butter, and Bob’s Red Mill coconut flakes. Pumpkin coffee on the side of course!

IMG_0249 1


I cruised through my medical nutrition therapy domain yesterday, which accounts for 50% of the test so I’m feeling pretty good!

I took a lunch break around 1, and it was beautiful out so I sat on the porch.

IMG_4405 1


I slapped together my favorite sandwich- whole wheat bread with hummus, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and cheese, and crunched on an organic apple on the side!

IMG_0250 1


IMG_4404 1


Yum, yum!

After lunch, I decided to clean the apartment. Have you ever reached a point in your work where literally anything (even cleaning the toilet) sounds more appealing? Seriously, cleaning the toilet and doing the dishes was more enjoyable than looking through my binder again.

After my cleaning rampage, I decided to go to a hot yoga class. On Wednesdays I have a class called The Mindful Therapist, and our assignment from last week was to go to a formal yoga class. No complaints here! The studio is only half a mile away from my apartment, so I decided to walk. I love being able to rack up steps on my FitBit!

I was ravenous when I got back home, so I whipped up a single serve Annie’s white cheddar mac and cheese and a salad on the side. I buy the single serve because they help me with portion control. They’re a little more expensive, but it keeps me from overeating so they’re worth the extra price to me.

IMG_4409 1

I threw some quinoa on top of the mac and cheese for some extra protein and fiber!

After dinner and a quick shower, it was back to work. Studying for school, grading, followed by three hours of RD exam studying! I asked Cameron to help me go through my massive pile of notecards, which keeps growing by the way!

IMG_4408 1


He was nice enough to go through every single index card with me (while watching the new Family Guy/Simpson’s crossover episode last night! Hilarious!), which took until almost midnight.

IMG_4412 1


He enjoyed throwing them all over the freshly cleaned apartment as he read each one off.

IMG_0251 1


I did snack after dinner last night as a study break, but I was a bad food blogger and forgot to take a picture! I had a bowl of Kashi Berry Blossoms with almond milk and a banana.

I’m off to make breakfast and pack a lunch for campus. Enjoy your Monday!

Something Amazing Happened

What a beautiful Sunday morning! I am loving this fall foliage with summer temperatures.



I got a LOT done yesterday, and I’m starting to feel much more confident and ready for this exam. I’ve started going through each domain (there’s 4), page by page, and making notecards. It looks overwhelming at first but I cruise right through them!

IMG_4399 1


I’m sure it’s a placebo effect but I really feel like these fish oil pills are boosting my memory!

So yesterday something amazing happened; I didn’t binge. The reason that that is amazing is because I thought about it, and wanted to do it, and even mentally picked out the food I was going to eat, but instead I drank a big glass of water, went on the humor section of Pinterest, and gave myself a laugh.

IMG_0247 1

Like this picture, for example, which goes along perfectly with my broken little toe!

I also thought about how I feel the day after I binge; heavy, foggy brain, and depressed, all things I do not have time for with my exam coming up. Today I am so grateful I stayed strong.

I think I can pin down yesterday’s desire to binge to my breakfast. If I don’t start off the day “right”, I can never fully recover from that.

IMG_0243 1


An egg and cheese bagel sandwich with fruit and coffee. Not that there is anything wrong with an egg and cheese bagel, but yesterday it didn’t feel right to me. Some days I have no problem with a big breakfast sandwich like that, other days I do.

It left me feeling bloated and kind of crappy, albeit very full; I didn’t really have any desire to eat lunch when the time came around. I never truly feel my best with white carbs, but it was there so I figured, why not?

IMG_0244 1


When lunchtime did come around, I made myself a big salad with lettuce, tomato, chickpeas, avocado, quinoa, parmesan cheese, and dressing. My favorite!

After lunch, I went downstairs to let out my land lady’s dog as she had requested.

IMG_4390 1


Such a cutie! It’s amazing how animals can wipe so much stress away.



I headed to the library after that to get some actual school work done, then spent a little more time studying. When I got home I wanted to finish up homework for another class, so I didn’t sit down for dinner until 7. By then I was ravenous and I thought about taking 3 slices of the leftover pizza, but instead I took two and peeled a couple of carrot sticks for extra nutrients!

IMG_0245 1


Oh, and a glass of wine :)

The pizza left me feeling bloated and full, but I decided to go for an evening snack anyways. I made it healthy to further resist any urge to binge.

IMG_0246 1


Pumpkin spice Chobani and Kashi berry blossoms! A very odd sounding combo, but taste-wise, not too bad.

I’m hoping to accomplish as much today as I did yesterday, so I better get cracking! Have a beautiful Sunday!

Friday Meals

Happy Saturday! I apologize for not posting a single meal from yesterday. This RD exam stuff is leaving me pretty busy! It took up most of my day yesterday and will do the same today and tomorrow. I’ll spare you the same old story. Let’s get right to the eats!


I mentioned Thursday that I had bought a new Kashi cereal at Wegman’s and was excited to try it. I measured out a cup and mixed it with strawberry Chobani and a banana.

IMG_0236 1


I’m not sure if I’m going to rush out and buy this cereal again. It wasn’t bad, but it felt like something was missing. I’ll have to try it again with almond milk and see if that makes a difference!

IMG_0237 1



I broke for lunch around 12:30 and whipped up a quick sandwich: hummus, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and avocado on whole wheat bread. Carrot on the side!

IMG_0239 1


I checked my FitBit after lunch and saw I was at an embarrassingly low 400 steps for the entire day! I decided to get my butt moving and head outside for a walk. I’m loving these warm temperatures and getting to see the leaves change!

IMG_4372 1


I love going for walks because there is always something new to discover, like this Little Free Library in front of someone’s house.

IMG_4373 1


How cute is that?

I also love being able to clear my head when I walk. It helped bring me back to center about passing my exam. I also burned a few hundred extra calories!




I ate dinner yesterday on the couch because I wanted to escape all of my studying materials that have taken over the dining room table. I cooked up a Wegman’s pizza and threw together a salad.

IMG_4376 1


IMG_4377 1


There was also a glass of Moscato (unpictured) that I drank while watching Sex and the City. Classic!

I’m really proud of myself for listening to my body after dinner and not snacking like I usually do. I think it helped that there isn’t anything really snackey to eat here, like ice cream or crackers. It helps to have temptation out of the house!

Another Day

So yesterday’s studying didn’t go as well as I had planned, but luckily today is another day to get it right! I think a combination of lack of sleep and being burnt out from all of Wednesday’s studying had taken a toll on my brain. One week from now I will be 15 minutes into the exam! Obviously I want to pass and I’ll be devastated if I don’t, but if I don’t pass, life will go on and I will try again.



Studying with a mug of lavender tea, and my Himalayan salt lamp in the background

I plan to spend the whole day today studying, and really focusing on what I know I’ll need to have memorized for the exam (AKA foodservice formulas). Cameron is also gone for the weekend which means I will have zero distractions!

IMG_4358 1


I was too busy freaking out studying last night to post my dinner, so here it is now!

Cameron and I made penne pasta, and sautéed up some spinach and peas in olive oil to add some extra veggies.



I poured my veggies into the finished product along with marinara sauce and some parmesan cheese! I usually weigh out my pasta before cooking it because I’m really bad at eyeballing portions, but since I was cooking for two I just poured what was in the box.



I was still hungry after my pasta so I went back for a piece of whole wheat toast with Smart Balance.



After dinner, I went for two (and a half) banana oatmeal pb chocolate chip (what a mouthful- literally :p) cookies that I had made the other night. I ate one and a half before I realized they mold on the bottom. Yuck! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t refrigerate preservative-free cookies.

I ate my evening snack during The Biggest Loser. By the way, did anyone else watch last night? I loved the nutrition challenge!

IMG_4362 1


Pumpkin spice Chobani with a two tablespoons of organic blueberry and flaxseed granola. Delish!

Time for breakfast with a side of foodservice formulas!

Feeling Puffy

I’ve had a pretty productive day so far, but there is still a lot to do! After breakfast, I spent an hour and a half reviewing Domain II of the RD exam. It’s not as many pages as Domain I, but the material is a bit more complicated (Medical Nutrition Therapy as opposed to Food Science).

My toe has been hurting a lot less today so I decided to go to the gym, but keep it easy on the elliptical this time. My heart rate was between 130-140, which is light for me. I still managed to burn 355 calories!



Lunch had me feeling puffy though. When I got back from the gym, I took a quick shower and then threw together a salad with lettuce, spinach, tomato, avocado, tofu, and cheese with my usual dressing on top. I also snacked on some Pretzel Crisps and hummus, which I think is the culprit for me feeling bloated because I didn’t portion them out first. The Pretzel Crisps are not low in sodium, and I made the mistake of bringing the bag with me. A good weight loss tip: portion your food out into a bowl and put the rest of the bag away!

IMG_0229 1




After lunch, my boyfriend Cameron and I took another trip to Wegman’s; this time for a week’s grocery haul!

On the list:

  • Bananas
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Bagels
  • Chickpeas
  • Tofu
  • Hummus
  • Cheese
  • 1% milk
  • Iced tea
  • Frozen pretzels (which make a great low-cal snack dipped in mustard!)
  • Frozen fruit
  • Cereal

I’m particularly excited to try the new Kashi cereal we bought this week. It looks super tasty!

IMG_0230 1


To deal with bloat, water and time are the best solutions. Wherever sodium goes, water follows so when you’re feeling bloated it’s important to drink more water to help dilute the load and eventually excrete the excess sodium! I also find drinking tea helps since it’s a diuretic. I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon hardcore studying so I can watch The Biggest Loser later tonight. Anyone else watch that show?

Tossing and Turning

I didn’t sleep well last night, and remember having weird dreams and tossing and turning from 4:45am until ? I think I’m starting to get anxious about my exam. I plan on taking out my stress through meditation later. I had planned to go to a hot yoga class yesterday at the studio, but my toe was bothering me too much to risk balancing and pressure. As instructed, I iced it last night for 30 minutes and kept myself entertained by watching The Big Bang Theory. I love that show!



I am down an entire pound from yesterday- water weight, obviously, but it’s still impressive how much my weight can fluctuate from bingeing and remission. Yesterday was a remission day; I tracked my calories through My Fitness Pal and listened to my internal cues for hunger (except for the pumpkin spice Chobani I ate while icing my foot). I am hoping for another day of remission today. I can usually tell by mid afternoon if I think I will binge later or not, but so far so good!

I woke up hungry and craving oatmeal, so that’s exactly what I made.



Clearly repping Wegman’s this morning!



As usual, with my oatmeal I had my first cup of pumpkin coffee with half and half and sugar-free pumpkin spice syrup. Yesterday, when I went to a walk-in clinic for my toe, the doctor took my blood pressure and it was 131/87, which is super high for me. Usually my BP is 110/70, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the two caffeinated cups of coffee I had had that morning, or white coat syndrome. Either way, I’m starting to think I should cut back on how much caffeine I have. I’ll consider it a little more when the RD exam is over. Speaking of, I’ve got to get to studying!

Staying Sharp

I just finished reviewing all 66 pages of Domain I for my RD exam and I think it’s time for a blogging break! I am now in a single digit countdown for the exam, so I plan on doing everything I can to keep my mind sharp for the big day; this includes proper diet, exercise, and sleep.

On Monday evening I ended up fracturing one of my toes by being my usual clumsy self (I kicked a shelving unit in my bathroom), so exercise might be a bit of a challenge until it heals. I tried the elliptical today at the campus gym, but I don’t think that was a great choice. Tomorrow I will try the exercise bike, and if that fails there is always weights and core work!

After the gym, I made a quick trip to Wegmans to pick up some “brain foods”- spinach, walnuts, dark chocolate, fish oil pills, and Yogi lavender tea for de-stressing, and pumpkin spice Chobani because they finally had it in stock!


I like taking fish oil with vitamin D, because vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and helps increase the absorption of the fish oil! The fish oil pills were a lot bigger than I expected. Next time I might try the mini kind!


Now onto the eats!

In an effort to keep my brain as sharp as possible, I started off the day with a healthy breakfast of a fried egg, avocado, and wheat toast.


Lunch was one of my favorite sandwiches- hummus, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese on whole wheat. Two carrot sticks on the side!


Around 4:00pm, my stomach started to grumble so I ate a banana (unpictured) to hold me over before dinner while I studied. I wanted something with walnuts for dinner, so I cooked up some quinoa and mixed it in a bowl with sauteed spinach, tofu, and garlic, along with some walnuts, parmesan cheese and Italian dressing.


So simple yet so delicious!


I ate while I studied.

For dessert, I munched on two 4-ingredient cookies I made the other day: two mashed up bananas + 1 cup oats + 1 tablespoon peanut butter + mini chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Also very simple yet delicious!


I also sipped on a cup of Yogi lavender tea while I studied. I need all the calming I can get right now!


I plan on eating a pumpkin spice Chobani later and watching new Modern Family studying some more. Hopefully my brain will be recovered enough to do some more work!